3 Card Poker

A game like Primero existed more that 300 years ago.

The name of this game changed several times during the years from i.e.from Post and Pair to Brag.

Today it is known as 3 Card Poker, which is a very energetic betting game where only three cards will be used.

In this game there is two gaming options namely Pair-Plus and Ante-and-Play, combined into one and this creates many winning opportunities.

For a straightforward bet place a wager on the cards in Pair-Plus and with winnings on all hands for a pair or better.

Before receiving the cards in the Ante-and-Play, a player must wager a bet.

After receiving the cards, the player can decide to fold or raise the bet.

Even odds will be paid out on both his anti and play bets when a player beats a dealer's hand.